About the Photographer

Jeanne Marie Coleman is an award winning photographer from central Maine. While she embraces all genres of photography her true passion lies in photographing nature. From panoramic landscapes, to diminutive bees, she loves it all. She especially enjoys the challenge of photographing wildlife - which requires instantaneous adaptation to a fast paced, unpredictable, and uncontrolled environment. It is extremely difficult to be in the right place; at the right time; capture the shot with speed and clarity; and not bother the bird or animal. Jeanne is frequently out in rain, snow, frigid temperatures, broiling sun and a plethora of bugs – but to her it is absolutely worth the effort as she considers it an honor to share nature's beauty with others….

You can be confident that Jeanne Coleman will bring the same level of dedication that she has for her trade craft to helping people find the art that work best for them. She is happy to work with individuals in need of a single small photo or corporations / healthcare facilities in need of one or more large collections. Jeanne is deeply committed to working with you to find the right image(s) to fit your space and to fashion the ambiance you aspire to create.

Unlike most photographers - who limit you to standard sized prints - Jeanne Marie Coleman has the ability to produce large format, and custom sized, archival quality prints. She additionally has stock photograph options for graphic designers and other industry professionals.


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